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How To Easily Remove Bad Odors From Your Car, Anywhere in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego

When we take on an automobile, we commit to eliminate the causes of problems and odors. To us it isn't done until we know to a certainty that we have found and eliminated the cause of the odor. Our customers throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego often share the same primary complaint: bad odor. To us the odor is just a valuable symptom that we can follow to what is actually wrong with the car.

If the car has been in a fire or flood, the list of places where odor reservoirs can hide are extensive. Other companies might want to take an easier general/"shotgun" approach to odor mitigation that involves flooding a car with damaging chemicals and treatments. They hope that their chemicals reach every area of the automobile and chemically change or cover-up the cause of the odors.

Our approach relies on following the odors to the odor reservoir and directly cleaning it out regardless of what system it is in. This means that our cleaning procedures do not include any process or treatment that interferes with our ability to smell the problem and find it. No ozone, deodorizers, fragrances, odor/chemical bombs, or the like for us. Just odor detective work and elbow grease until it is done.