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OBG Services | No More Smelly Cars! Founded in 1999 by Jay Grewer, former Acura technician and mechanic.

OBG Services Inc. was founded in 1999 by Jay Grewer, who is also the President and Operator of FixMyStinkyCar.com. In his former life as an Acura technician and mechanic, he noticed that more often than not drivers would trade in their vehicles for a fraction of their true value because of a problem that could affordably be fixed (such as odor). Many of these quality automobiles had received extensive detailing and/or odor treatment but without fully restoring the car to its original condition.

Jay realized that as an automotive systems expert he was positioned to offer a unique service grounded in both automotive systems expertise and a passion for fully restoring quality cars to their original condition.

Odor-B-Gone was born, later followed by FixMyStinkyCar.com and OBG Services, Inc. today.