Burnt Crayon Odors in your BMW Or VW We Can Fix It.

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Does your BMW or VW smell like burnt crayons?. Is your vehicle still under basic warranty?

We have done our homework and found the answer- call us to end the smelly headache.

The crayon smell in a BMW or  VW can be overwhelming.


Don’t suffer like Staci had to, do call us first not last.






Staci of Chino Hills CA (10/12/08)
My 2007 VW new beetle has terrible a terrible smell that consume the entire car. The best way to describe it is burning wax or burning crayon. VW refused to acknowledge the problem after countless visits to the dealership even though the car is still under warranty. I filed a formal written complaint to Volkswagen of America and after 1 week of research on their end, they called me back and said they were closing my file as the dealership said there was no abnormalities with my car.

The smell is so bad that it makes me sick. I get headaches and often have to pull over because I feel like I am going to pass out. After three months, the service director at my local dealership has finally stepped in to try and help me. My car is now gutted and they still can’t figure out what is causing the smell (which the service director admits to smelling.

VW so far has refused to buy back the car even though it is clearly a lemon and meets all criteria. If the service Director can’t get VW of America to rectify the situation soon, I will have no choice but to hire an attorney. This is happening to a lot of people and VW of America acts like they don’t know what is going on. This is unfair to the consumer.What chemical fumes am I breathing? HELP!

Headaches, Vomiting, Light Headed, smell from the fumes saturate my hair and clothing daily!!!!

I don’t feel right trading in the car as I can’t pass this problem on to someone else. I think it is dangerous! I don’t even know if I could sell the car or trade it in. Anyone who pulls up a carfax report will see how many times the car has been in the shop for this unresolved problem. I have owned the car for 4 months. It has been in the shop countless time for a total of approx. 45 days with no resolution. They are a lot of consumers out on the internet with the same problem as me!


Consumer Affairs listing Link.

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