Auto Water Damage Restoration

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YoutubeFlood Car with Mildew Damage

YoutubeClassic Mercedes Flooded and Mildewed

These videos are a few examples of flood damage vehicles we have completely restored.


The inside windows of your vehicle dripping with water and fogging up a lot.

The musty or mildew odors when you open your vehicle door.

The recent heavy rains and floods brought a lot more with it than spoiled plans and grey skies. It can also cause damage to the interiors of our vehicles, most unknown until that tell tale odor of mildew begins to rise from the carpets and seats.  A lot of vehicles can be affected by water damage in many different ways from vehicles going through large puddles caused by clogged storm drains to leaking sunroofs and car door windows.

If water stays in the vehicle to long it can cause mildew and musty odors.

If your vehicle has been in a recent flood or downpour and there is a mildew or musty odor coming from the interior of your vehicle, we can help.

Don’t allow the recent weather that Southern California has been experiencing to reek havoc on your auto interior, if you suspect your vehicle has auto water or auto flood damage please contact us right away as we can inspect your vehicle and share with you all of your options. We are the EXPERTS when it comes to auto water damage restoration!

When you must have the Best, and you need it done right come see Us!

We also back up all of our work with a Lifetime Warranty.

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Vehicle Flood Damage Results in Musty, Mildew Odor- Or Worse???

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Feb. 16, 2009

By Jennifer Parker

With the recent storms we have been experiencing in Southern California, our vehicles can also get a little under the weather. The rain can cause havoc on our vehicles interior. From that car window that wasn‘t rolled up all the way, to that sunroof you left slightly open, our cars are never safe from the harsh weather. Most people get a towel and try to dry up the water hoping that all the water is gone while others decide their only alternative is to take their car to a detail shop. What people don’t know is by doing either of these two quick fixes; you will only cause yourself more pain and money in the end. Once an excessive amount of water has entered the vehicle you must extract it out. There is no detail shop or towel that will take care of this matter. If the water is not removed correctly and in a timely manner the humidity will turn the water into mildew and your vehicle will contain a musty, mildew odor. And believe me there is no air freshener or Fabreeze-like product that will take this everlasting odor away. If your next intuition is to run down to your detail shop and give them a stab at it, all this will accomplish is spreading that musty, mildew odor throughout your vehicle. So what is your alternative??? The only place that I have come across that complete removes musty, mildew odors along with completely handling flood-damaged vehicles is Odor B Gone 2. They do it all! There is no job too big or too small. If you need to remove any odors, repair interior flood damage, you name it; they are here to help you. Your vehicle will look showroom ready when it leaves their shop. It’s simply amazing!

Your Vehicle Shouldn’t Have to Suffer in the Rain

When it rains, it pours and your vehicle always gets the worst of the rainy weather. From your wet, muddy shoes to that soaking wet umbrella you toss on the floor or on the seat next to you, after a big storm your vehicle could use a little fix-me-up. And those so-called detail shops only make matters worse when it comes to cleaning a vehicle sufficiently. Most of these shops use chemicals on your vehicle which cover-up and mask the problem areas. Why would you take your vehicle to one of these establishments knowing you are only damaging the interior of your vehicle? When it comes to finding a business that will clean your vehicle ask yourself these questions.

  • What type of products are they using in my vehicle?
  • Is this a reputable company who will back their services and work performed?

Many of us have children or pets that frequently travel in our vehicles. So making sure that our car is cleaned with non-toxic, hypoallergenic cleaning products is a must. An auto upholstery deep extraction service will not only make your vehicle’s interior look fresh and innovative, it will give you a sense of satisfaction as you drive around in this amazingly clean vehicle. From car payments, insurance and the rising gas prices, we pay a great deal of money on our vehicles. It only makes sense to hire experts to clean or work on your vehicle. When you need the best, they are only one click away.

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