My name is Jay Grewer and I’m the president and operator of and OBG Services (Odor Be Gone Services).  I started this unique business in 1999 after working as a Acura dealer technician for many years.  I noticed that often times, an owner would trade in a car for a fraction of the true value, just because there was an odor problem that nobody could figure out.  Frustrated drivers would spend thousands of dollars at detail shops, just to have their upholstery ruined by too much soap, perfumes and other shortcuts that ended in disaster for both the shop, and the customer.

My service is a unique and labor intensive process, that can save your car, preserve its value and enhance your driving pleasure.  We investigate the source of the odors, prepare a full estimate for you, and then go to work.   All steps of the processes are fully pictured and documented.  Then your car is lovingly reassembled and give back to you with a LIFETIME guarantee.   How’s that for unique? Come on down, I’ll let us show you around, and we’ll explain what we can do for you.  We give free estimates, and will be happy to discuss all of your options.  We’ve fixed just about every imaginable stinky problem!  To see some of our work look at the column to the right entitled PROBLEMS SOLVED!